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MINIBOXX places equal importance on style, practicality and functionality

MINIBOXX eyewear is specially designed for children of 3 to 9 years old. We believe the major concern and priority of parents are always the protection of our children’s eyes and vision. Children are very active, but self-caring and self-protection are not their strong suit. Glasses are long-term wearable partners during the children growth period, physical contact and misplacement are inevitable. So Safety, Comfort and Durability are equally important. Our products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure the  safety and quality meets the international quality testing standard. We have always been the professional choice of Eye Hospitals and Pediatric Glasses Stores. It’s important for the children to create their  unique personal style. To meet a children’s requirement, our frame design focuses on the following three categories : Functional safety design, Hypoallergenic and protection, Lightweight wearing comfort.



  • To protect the delicate skin of a child, the temple arms are made with TR90 nylon materials with a stainless steel bar inside. This reduces the chance of skin allergy.

  • TR-90 Features :

  • Light weight material : 15% to 50% lighter than normal acetate and nylon, making it easier and more comfortable to wear.

  • Impact resistance : TR90 material are tough and hard to deform or break. It can effectively prevent damage to the eyes caused by impact. Note : Do not clean with alcohol or solvent. The chemicals can damage the frame.

  • High temperature resistance : In a high temperature environment, TR90 is not easily deformed, melted or burned within a short time frame.

  • Anti-allergic : TR90 does not release chemical residues when worn, It complies to European Standard for food grade materials.

  • The temples are firmly connected to the frame of the glasses and the accessories cannot be loosen easily.

  • The material of the temples is strong and durable. The texture is soft, it reduces the chance of breakage caused by impact, subsequently protect the wearer’s eyes.

  • Frame meets CE safety standards.



  • The sunglasses lenses blocks UV400 and provide 100% protection against UV. It can filter out light rays wavelength up to 400nm, a standard requirement for high quality sunglasses. Recommendation : If your eyes are sensitive to light, choose a darker color sunglass lens.

  • Light and gradient color lenses are suitable for cloudy day or in a weak sunlight environment, while dark color lenses can protect your eyes in a strong sunlight environment.

  • Nose pads are made of silicone rubber, which are anti-slip and it reduces skin allergies

  • The magnet on temple tip is coated with epoxy resin as a protective film to reduce skin allergies while wearing.




  • The patented extendable temple are made with strictly selected soft, flexible, high-quality plastic  materials. The wearer can connected to the magnet tip at end of the temples, they can adjust the length to suit different head shape or activities. This product is especially suitable for children during their growth period, extendable temples can be adjusted to fit children’s growing head size. The frame is tough, sturdy and comfortable to wear, even when the child is running and jumping wildly, they can still see the world clearly. The frame can also be hang around a child’s neck, further reduces the chance of misplacement.


  • In response to different nasal positions of people, ergonomic nose pads comes with different shapes and sizes. When the glasses fits better on the face, eye fatigue is reduced for the wearer. The transparent nose pads are made of nylon and silicone, it also comes with a wide range of colours.

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